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When you want a nice looking, well-kept lawn, you can get this by relying on Salem Oregon Lawn Care in Salem, Oregon. We are capable of helping you with any of your lawn care needs whatever they may be. There are a lot of landscaping companies that will bleed you dry until there is nothing else they can possibly do to your lawn.

At Salem Oregon Lawn Care, we offer you all the help you'll need to keep your lawn looking its best all-year-round at an affordable rate. We prove just how much we want your business by working with you to get you what you need

About Us

Offering you the quality of lawn care services that you deserve has been our objective from the beginning. With more than 30 years of experience under our belts, we understand how to produce the results that our clients want.

Our clients’ satisfaction is our primary focus. This means that your wish is our command! We take our time to understand what the needs and desires of our customers are so that we can deliver it to them. With a team of professional landscape architects working with our customers, you’ll receive great value for your money.


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Salem Oregon Lawn Care offers a large variety of lawn care services. We take care of it all, mowing you lawn, installation of your sprinkler installation, landscape design, tree trimming and more. Regardless of the extent of your service needs, we are able to deliver it to you.

Our experts understand how delicate some of the work that they do is and they use caution to care for those aspects of your lawn care. We want you to receive the help that you need and that is why we hire the most qualified lawn care professionals.

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Landscape Design

You may think that you know what you want until you sit down with one of our landscape design professionals. Regardless of the size of your lawn, we can produce a plan that we are certain that you’ll be happy with.

Our design architects will work with each customer to provide them with landscaping that fits their budget. Contact us to schedule an appointment with our landscape architects.

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Lawn Replacement, Sod Installation

If you begin to experience problems with your sod, contact Salem Oregon Lawn Care. We can assess the situation and determine whether or not your sod needs to be replaced.

Our expert landscaping team knows how to effectively provide you with sod that will be long-lasting. You don’t have to try to figure it out yourself because we can handle it for you.

“We never knew that our lawn could look so good. We’ve been working with Salem Oregon Lawn Care for about 6-months and couldn’t be happier with what they have done. This professional service can handle your lawn care services. We encourage you to call on them for your lawn care.” – Stephanie M.

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​Mowing, Edging, Weed Control

There are some aspects of your landscaping that must be performed if it is to look its best. At Salem Oregon Lawn Care, mowing, weed control and edging are essential to making your lawn look its best.

Whether we do it or you do it, these things should be done so that your lawn looks finished once all of the landscaping has been performed.

Salem Oregon Lawn Care - Sprinklers and Irrigation 1
Sprinklers and Irrigation

Our team of professional landscape architects is also effective in installing sprinklers and complete irrigation systems. Not only can they install them for you, but they can also service them for you, whether you require maintenance of your system or repairs.

"My mother used to enjoy spending time in her garden. Now that she is older, she needs a little help. We contacted Salem Oregon Lawn Care to help her out. We love them because they still make her feel useful while helping her care for her garden and flowerbed. She still feels in control” – Sandy T.

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Garden Services, Flower Bed Care

If you take pride in your garden and flowerbed, undoubtedly, you want it to always look its best. We can make sure it does at Salem Oregon Lawn Care. You may lack the necessary time needed to keep up the appearance of your garden and flowerbed.

Our experts are able to assist you with routine servicing. We care for the needs of your garden and flowerbed when you can’t.

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Tree Trimming

At Salem Oregon Lawn Care, we have the right tools and equipment needed to effectively trim your trees. Regardless of the type of trees you have on your property, our experts will be able to effectively address your service needs. They have the skills and qualifications needed to produce the best results possible.

If you don’t want a diseased tree on your hands, contact us to trim your trees today.

“It doesn't matter how much work that needs to be done to your lawn, we promise you that Salem Oregon Lawn Care will be able to take care of the job for you. We have been using the company for many years and couldn’t be happier with them. They offer quality services at reasonable rates. We highly recommend their services to everyone in Salem.” – Peter L.

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If you take pride in your homes curb appeal and are the type that enjoys spending time outdoors, no doubt you want your lawn to look its best all-year-round. Let our professional lawn care experts help with your service needs.

We have assembled the best and most qualified team of landscape architects in Salem, OR to assist with your lawn care needs. You never have to worry about weeds growing wild or your grass getting too high, as long as you count on our team of qualified professionals to handle your lawn care needs. We’ll work with your budget to get you the help that you want and need. Why not contact our knowledgeable associates to discuss your lawn care needs in greater detail.