Lawn Replacement, Sod Installation
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Unfortunately, you can do everything that you deem necessary to maintain a nice looking lawn but your best efforts may still fail. This can be frustrating for any homeowner. However, you don’t have to give up on making sure your lawn continues to look nice all-year-round.

There are options that we offer at Salem Oregon Lawn Care. In some cases, your lawn just continues to struggle because perhaps the ground wasn’t properly prepped or the incorrect soil has been laid. Your grass may have drainage issues and you’re noticing a lot of wear in tear in parts of your lawn. When a home is being built, the builders may not pay as much attention to the lawn. They are likely putting all sorts of items on the lawn during the building process.

When it comes time to move out, they will generally just quickly remove the items that have been lying on the grass and just put down a turf. They will often use the least expensive turf and soil, which means that you will inevitably begin to experience problems with the way your grass grows. When you are tired of the appearance of your lawn and you want to do something about it, Salem Oregon Lawn Care can effectively replace your lawn.

Growing Grass or Applying Sod

At Salem Oregon Lawn Care many of our customers want to know whether or not it is better to use seeds to grow their grass or just have sod installed. There are some advantages to growing your grass naturally but we can tell you that, while it is more cost effective, it is more labor intensive. Sod is a great way to get immediate results. After our customers see how quickly sod is installed and how beautiful and natural their lawn looks, they often begin saving their money in order to have it installed.

Our experts know the best time of the year to apply your sod so that you achieve maximum benefits. There are also some areas of your lawn where it is possible to install sod and some areas where using seeds might be more appropriate. If cost is a factor, this is certainly something to consider.

Why Hire Qualified Professionals

Hiring qualified lawn care professionals means that you won't be left with a disaster on your hands. When your sod is installed by a qualified professional you will not have to worry about any gaps in the rows. They will make sure that your grass looks as natural as possible because they will install it without any noticeable seams.

With the help of a professional lawn care service, your lawn will look strong and rich. Unfortunately, when an inexperienced homeowner attempts to lay their sod, they are still left with gaps. If there are any gaps left in your lawn, this will leave room for weeds to grow. Now you’ll have to figure out a way to control weeds. It’s best to simply rely on a qualified professional to install your sod.